General Information

Dr Cutts bulk bills all patients. Patients should be age 18 or above. GP2U registration (for electronic billing) and receipt of a GP referral is required before appointments can be confirmed.

A GP should be available to manage ongoing direct care – including prescriptions and any required investigations.

Dr Cutts does not:

  • write prescriptions or medical certificates (but will advise GPs as appropriate)
  • offer ongoing psychotherapy or urgent consultations.
  • approve treatment with stimulant medications.
  • provide third party reports (eg reports addressing medicolegal, work related or compensation matters). However  relevant comments will be made in a clinical letter sent to the patient’s GP and could be released to a third party with patient consent.

All appointments are via telepsychiatry and Skype is the preferred means of videoconferencing, but other solutions may be available by prior negotiation.

Wait times for an appointment vary – on average about 4 weeks but this cannot be guaranteed.

Further Information for Patients

Most of Dr Cutts’ patients are referred by GPs who organise the required GP2U registration and who offer use of a dedicated videoconference room in their practice. If your GP is not familiar with Dr Cutts’ practice, please feel free to refer them to this website.

If your GP is willing to refer but can’t offer further assistance, please feel free to make an enquiry (after reading the rest of this section). Dr Cutts will give an indication of wait time for an appointment if he believes he can assist you (a brief comment on the reasons for seeking the appointment should be made in the contact form).

But before an appointment can be confirmed:

  • Your GP should send Dr Cutts a referral by email. You may be asked to sign a consent to the use of email by your GP’s team.
  • You would need to register yourself at GP2U so Dr Cutts can bulk bill you electronically. Please ensure you enter accurate contact details, Skype address and medicare number. The appointment will not proceed without these details. The support team at GP2U are very helpful if needed. You should notify Dr Cutts by once the registration is complete.
  • You should be confident that you have reliable and fast internet access. ADSL2 or mobile 4G connections are usually adequate.
  • You should be confident using Skype. Dr Cutts highly recommends testing your Skype setup with a relative or friend before making an appointment. Technical problems on the day may result in an extended wait before another appointment can be offered.

Further Information for Referring General Practitioners

Most of Dr Cutts’ patients are from established referral sources who organise the required GP2U registration and who offer use of a dedicated videoconference room in their practice. This is Dr Cutts’ preference – a good quality and reliable connection is critical on the day of the appointment. Dr Cutts is unable to provide much support to patients who might be struggling with the registration and logistical issues inherent in making a telepsychiatry connection. But see Further Information for Patients for instructions to patients who are confident they can manage it themselves.

Please your referral to Dr Cutts. You may wish to seek patient consent before doing so. Dr Cutts will review the suitability of the referral and advise about approximate wait time.

Please go to GP2U if you wish to register as a referrer and to register your patient. Prompt and effective support is available if needed. When registering your patient, please ensure:

  • Patient medicare number is entered
  • If your patient is to be seen at your practice, please enter the practice contact details in the relevant patient contact fields (phone, email and Skype addresses).
  • Your team confirms registration has been completed by  and also sends a skype contact sharing request to Dr Cutts’ Skype address –
  • Please note that there is no need to upload or enter clinical information to the gp2u website. Basic demographics, Skype address and medicare details are sufficient.

Dr Cutts will liaise with your admin team about an appointment time once your patient is registered and a referral received.

Some GPs choose to sit in on part or all of the first or subsequent appointments. Dr Cutts welcomes this but it is not required.

Please feel free to seek further information via the contact form.

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